This month, we’re thrilled to have Tiffany Lowder, half of the dynamic duo know as The Scrap Gals on their podcast and Facebook group. We hope you’ll check her out on social media and follow us here an on Instagram to see what she creates!




Who are you and where do you reside?  

Tiffany Lowder, Bowling Green, Kentucky                   


Where can we find you online?

Instagram – @lowdertiff, @thescrapgals

YouTube –

Facebook – Tiffany Lynn Lowder


How did you get your start with paper crafting?    

My mom died quite suddenly in December 2001. Looking for something to fill that void and to strengthen my daughter’s understanding of me, I wandered into a local scrapbook store to see what it might offer. The rest, as they say, is history…                


Least favorite part of the scrapping process?

I don’t enjoy the techy parts of scrapbooking – editing photos, operating my electronic die-cutter, printing journaling or photos, etc. Since I use tech all day at work, I avoid it in scrapbooking when possible.


Read the book or see the movie?

Reading the book is always my choice. I don’t really like movies because they don’t give me enough character development.              


Regular or Decaf?

Neither – I don’t really like coffee unless it’s a treat that tastes like dessert. I’ll take a Coke (from a bottle or fountain) in a cup with crushed ice please.


If you could hang with anyone in the crafting industry, who would you choose?

Hanging out with Jane Davenport would be really interesting. She seems to have a quirky, fun personality, and her products/style are kind of out of my comfort zone. I think it’d be fun to just watch her work and soak up her creative vibe.


What’s the ONE thing you can’t craft without?

I need to have good lighting for any kind of crafting. Without it, I’m prone to either making silly mistakes or developing a migraine.


Dream job?     

My dream job is to be a travel writer who wanders all over the world. Ideally, I’d travel two or three months at a time then stay home a month to write. Of course, I’d need JoJo, my dachshund, to accompany me. And I’d really love to fly first class – haha!                                                             


What are you listening to these days?

Right now, I’m enjoying the soundtrack from Sharp Objects, the Foreverly album from Norah Jones and Billy Joe Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Maroon 5, and Amy Winehouse. (I have kind of eclectic taste in music.) I’m also listening to a few podcasts: Pantsuit Politics, The End of the World, and Literature and History.  


What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

Back in the day, I loved some Salt ‘n Pepa though I had to limit playing it in the car after my daughter started singing the words to “Push It” at age two!