Welcome to November, everyone! We’re excited to help you get to know our November Guest Designer and can’t wait to see what she creates with her Deluxe Kit this month.

Who are you and where do you reside?

     I’m Melany, and I live in Quebec, Canada. You can find me on Instagram at @melany_lefebvre                              

 Where you draw your crafting inspiration from?  


Regular or Decaf?


If you could hang with anyone in the crafting industry, who would you choose?

     Missy Whidden so we could workout together, Mike Deakin because he and his husband (and their dog) all look so sweet and         kind, MixedMediaJenn because she’s very talented, but seems so relaxed and cool when she’s crafting and finally, Tracy Banks       because scrapbooking with her would be so much fun.

What’s the ONE thing you can’t craft without?

    Nothing comes to my mind. Really, I’m very flexible!

Sweet or salty?     

    Depends on the mood, but usually salty

How would your best friend describe you?

     I think the 1st thing she would tell you (even if she doesn’t know you!) is how I upset her in 4th grade when I told in front of             the class that she received underwear for Christmas!

What’s your favorite 90’s jam?

   Totally Nirvana and Greenday…….and New Kids On the Block (…yeah, I know, I know! 😏)


Happy Crafting, everyone!